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    In recent years increased scientific attention has been given to immediate defense mechanisms based on non-clonal...

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    This book discusses recent research in innate immunity, which has revealed a large number of receptors that sense...

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    Antibody Fc is the first single text to synthesize the literature on the mechanisms underlying the dramatic...

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    This second edition presents methods and protocols to aid readers in the design and execution of experiments used...

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    The innate immune system is rapidly activated in response to infection and injury. It is a generic rather than...

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    The greatest complexity of the immune response is shown by vertebrates which are endowed with innate and acquired...

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    Arthropod Vector: Controller of Disease Transmission, Volume 1: Vector Microbiome and Innate Immunity of Arthropods...

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    The recent explosion of information in innate immune pathways for recognition, effect or responses, and genetic...

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    3 Keys to Maximize your Health: 1. KNOW YOUR BODY You will learn how to do a review of your body systems by going...

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    Examines the mechanisms of both the innate and adaptive immune systems as they relate to infection and disease....

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    This book overviews cancer immunity from broad scientific fields, based on the concept that cancer is a sort of...

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