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    The air campaign that opened the Gulf War in January 1991 was one of the most stunning in history. More than...

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    Iraq: From Sumer to Saddam

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    Patriotic Ayatollahs explores the contributions of senior clerics in state and nation-building after the 2003 Iraq...

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    The Bush-Saddam Tapes: From the Secret Iraq War Archives

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    Details the sixteen months of planning and decision making between President Bush, his war council, and key foreign...

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    A firsthand account of the socio-political atmosphere of the pre-Saddam Hussein era of Iraq, when the country first...

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    The Political Road to War with Iraq: Bush, 9/11 and the Drive to Overthrow Saddam (Contemporary Security Studies)

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    Saddam's Word; The Political Discourse in Iraq

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    "As the crisis with Iraq continues, Americans have questions. Is war really necessary? What can it accomplish? What...

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    An unforgettable firsthand account of danger, chaos, and daunting challenge in the Coalition's first year after the...

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    "The almost universally accepted explanation for the Iraq war is very clear and consistent the US decision to...

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    First published in 1989, just before the Gulf War broke out, REPUBLIC OF FEAR was the only book that explained the...

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    """Since the attacks of September 11, one organization has been at the forefront of America's military response....

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    The Lead Up to the Iraq War Including Iraq's Disarmament Crisis, Weapons of Mass Destruction, War Rationale, Public...

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