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  2. $27.71

    John Sloan's Last Summer

  3. $21.50

    Orphan Narratives: The Postplantation Literature Of Faulkner, Glissant, Morrison, And Perse

  4. $24.22

    Pen/Faulkner Award for Fiction Recipients, 1981-2010, Including Walter Abish, Ann Patchett, John Updike, Joseph...

  5. $17.60

    "I hungrily read the book through in three nights, as though I'd stumbled upon a lost Bellow masterpiece only...

  6. $203.00

    Considered one of the great American authors of the 20th century, William Faulkner (1897-1962) produced such...

  7. $179.62

    The Art of William Faulkner

  8. $30.00

    Where William Faulkner's fiction stands in relation to that of Ellison, Pynchon, Nabokov and other postmodern...

  9. $79.17

    This new Companion offers a sample of innovative approaches to interpreting and appreciating William Faulkner in...

  10. $213.48

    The Making of the Twentieth-Century Novel: Lawrence, Joyce, Faulkner and Beyond

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    The New Cambridge Companion to William Faulkner offers contemporary readers a sample of innovative approaches to...

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    John Steinbeck Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner are generally recognized as the most influential American...

  13. $42.00

    " It is almost as though they were fighting for billing on a tombstone" - John Steinbeck Ernest Hemingway and...

  14. $65.00

    With contributions from John N. Duvall, Kristin Fujie, Caroline Garnier, Jamie Harker, Catherine Gunther Kodat,...

  15. $23.99

    With contributions by:Greg Barnhisel, John N. Duvall, Kristin Fujie, Sarah E. Gardner, Jaime Harker, Kristi Rowan...

  16. $37.36

    Swedenborg Concordance V12

  17. $51.47

    Swedenborg Concordance V10

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