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    'the Eerie Laird': The Only Authentic History of the Person So Called by Tradition in Scotland [By J. Kirkland].

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    This collection of essays on the character, administration, and management of research universities concentrates on...

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    Epochs in Buddhist History: The Haskell Lectures 1921

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    Army-Of-Excellence Divisional Cavalry Squadron

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    This manual is designed to assist students enhance/further develop their cognitive skills. On-going research...

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    This manual is the combination of the Primary and Elementary Levels. It is useful if the teacher/parent wishes to...

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    Written in the style of classical confessional literature, the protagonist, shocked by a fleeting thought about his...

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    Demonstrates the impact of global education partnerships related to information access. International librarianship...

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    In the wake of the election of President Obama, many diversity scholars and practitioners imagined that renewed...

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    This book examines the state of education in America using a critical lens that places the roles of race, racism,...

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    This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections...

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    Poshmark, Inc.

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    A collection of poems by Kenneth J. Hesterberg ... reflections of time spent on the water.

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    Just as "generals are always fighting the last war" my experience as a chaplain at Oxford University has taught me...

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