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    Now available in an updated edition, this attractive, useful, and entertaining collection of great artists and...

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    ElSaffar - Keivo - Salman Gambarov - Khaliq - Azmeh - Köster - Barrak

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    Daniel Behle, ténor - Sveinung Bjelland, piano - Ab Koster, cor

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    Featuring all the members of The Olivia Tremor Control, as well as Jeff Mangum and Julian Koster of Neutral Milk...

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    The story of this CD is born out of Sophie s friendship with violinist Rick Koster. For twelve years, Rick and...

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    Coastline Paradox is a young German, Austrian and Italian quintet. The ensemble was founded by Richard Köster in...

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    Who is Lou Koster, this first female composer in Luxembourg music history? Well-known in her own country, she has...