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    The Lebanon War Office: The History of the Building, and Report of the Celebration at Lebanon, Conn., Flag Day,...

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    Like other areas of the Middle East, Lebanon has a heritage almost as old as the earliest evidence of mankind. Its...

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    A Sketch of Lebanon Springs

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    The Lebanon War Office

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    The Town Register: Acton, Shapleigh, Parsonsfield, Newfield, Lebanon, 1907

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    The Raber Murder, Containing a Detailed and Accurate Account of the Murder of Joseph Raber, by Drowning in...

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    Biographical Sketch of Daniel Fraser of the Shaker Community of Mt. Lebanon, Columbia County, New York (1890)

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    Excerpt from A Sketch of Lebanon Springs: Its Attractions as a Summer Resort; A Visit to the Shakers; History of...

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    The Shiites of Lebanon under Ottoman Rule provides an original perspective on the history of the Shiites as a...

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    On July 12, 2006, Israel went to war with Hezbollah in response to the killing and capture of Israeli soldiers...

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    House Of Many Mansions, A: The History Of Lebanon Reconsidered

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    A Continuation of the Narrative of the Indian Charity School: Begun in Lebanon, in Connecticut (1775)

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    Ancient and Historic Landmarks in the Lebanon Valley

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    The Thistle and the Cedar of Lebanon

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    The Lebanon War Office

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    Ancient and Historic Landmarks in the Lebanon Valley

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