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    Happy Holidays Together What happy couple wouldn't want to hang this 6-Piece Wedding Ornament Collection on their...

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    In the Middle Ages, guests brought sweet buns that were placed in a pile over which the bride and groom kissed. The...

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    This beautiful bride wears a traditional white dress, which is a symbol of joy and happiness. She carries a bouquet...

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    After the bride and groom have said their vows, shared a kiss, cut the cake and danced the night away, a popular...

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    On her wedding day, a bride wears a traditional white dress as a symbol of purity, joy and happiness. The groom...

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    Dressed in his best for his special day, this groom has a beautiful wedding ring for his bride. He wears a flower...

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    Hearts are associated with love and Valentine's Day. The heart is also a symbol of the love of Christ, whose birth...

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    Hand crafted in age-old tradition using techniques that originated in the 1800's;Molten glass is mouth-blown into...

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