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    Memoir of the REV. Michael C. Taylor, with Extracts from His Correspondence

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    Memoir of Rear-Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, Bart., K.C.B Height : 0.31 In Length : 9.21 In Width : 6.14 In Weight :...

  4. $33.02

    Sermons, Lectures, Etc. Etc. of Michael B. Buckley [Compiled] with a Memoir of His Life, by C. Davis

  5. $20.81

    The Celebrity 411: Spotlight on Michael C. Hall, Including His Personal Life, Famous Blockbusters Such as Six Feet...

  6. $24.00

    Memoir of the REV. Michael C. Taylor, with Extracts. from His Correspondence

  7. $9.99

    This is autobiography of Dr. Michael Cassidy, one of the most influential people in the development of modern South...

  8. $22.58

    Michael Servetus, His Life and Teachings Height : 0.23 In Length : 9.21 In Width : 6.14 In Weight : 0.36 lbs

  9. $8.69

    M-agical and mysterious I-ndeed he was, C-aring, sharing his unlimited love, H-aving and knowing no boundaries,...

  10. $72.85

    Nonlinear Suppression of Range-Ambiguous Clutter for Outdoor Radar Measurement Facilities

  11. $25.08

    In Search of a Perfect World: A Historical Perspective on the Phenomenon of Millennialism and Dissatifaction with...

  12. $71.56

    With a Machine Gunner in Mesopotamia Private George C. Aird

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    The historical Isaac C. Parker (1838-1898) has been overshadowed by his legend--the notorious "hanging judge" of...

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    The landmark book Boys and Girls Learn Differently! outlines the brain-based educational theories and techniques...

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    Poststructuralism, and its implications for something called "postmodernism," is a major topic of discussion in...

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    Tired of hearing about "complex text"? Bothered by the pushy messages about "challenge"? This book is for you!...

  17. $28.49

    Mentoring Student Teachers and Interns: Strategies for Engaging, Relating, Supporting, and Challenging Future...

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