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    The Traumatic Event Crisis Intervention Plan (TECIP©), the flagship program of Crisis Oriented Planning and...

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    Of the many issues facing special education (and general education) today, it is difficult to imagine one more...

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    Everything you need to implement school change that gets results! Internationally recognized education expert...

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    This text provides a detailed account of current approaches to the education of teachers of second languages.

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    My Father's Blood

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    In Founding Federalist, Michael C. Toth provides an in-depth look at the life and work of Oliver Ellsworth, a...

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    So, you have suffered a closed head injury. You have tried many different therapies and interventions and nothing...

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    The Story of All the Things I am is the biography of Thomas E. Grimes. He prepared this novel to share his life and...

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    During the first three quarters of the twentieth century, Jose Thomas Canales was a significant force in the fight...

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    Véronique (cinq ans et demi) : « Michaël il a dit c’est mon auto ! Je l’avais amenée pour la faire montrer. » La...

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    In this study of human consciousness, Dr. Michael Yen, a Jungian analyst, uses the concepts of C.G. Jung and the...

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    John Dewey and the Art of Teaching: Toward Reflective and Imaginative Practice is an engaging and accessible...

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    With an example-driven, hands-on approach, New Channels of Music Distribution offers a practical, comprehensive...

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