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    Books : Nazi Germany And the Jews: The Years Of Extermination: 1939-1945: Nazi Germany and the Jews 1939-1945...

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    Himmler's Third Reich. His Involvement in Nazi Germany and the Nazis Medical Experiments

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    Biography: Alan Wood-Thomas was a decorated soldier in WWII who discovered he had an extraordinary talent for...

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    "Bergman takes a fresh look at Germany's most influential Nazi leaders to provide compelling evidence that the...

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    A compelling exploration of the myriad ways in which German cities have confronted their Nazi pasts

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    Presents a history of the twentieth-century irresponsible proposals and mishaps involving nuclear technology,...

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    """This book is about the ethics of nursing and midwifery, and how these were abrogated during the Nazi era. Nurses...

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    "This groundbreaking work is the most detailed, carefully researched, and comprehensive analysis of the evolution...

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    Books : The Nazis: A Warning From History (Paperback)

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    Books : LIVING UNDER NAZI RULE 1933-1945