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  2. $38.99

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    C21000 Well-Safe Well Sanitizer Pack

  3. $16.49

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  4. $95.02

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    Microtest Plate, 96-Well, V-Bottom, PS, STERILE, Individually WrappedV-bottom, 96-well microtest plate, polystyrene...

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    Flow input range 19-36V DC output range 12V, 0 ~ 2.1A Ripple 120mV Efficiency 75% Output adjustment range 5V:4.5 ~...

  6. $34.99

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    Mean Well SPA01C-15 Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 36-75Vin 15Vout 6-67mA, Reg SIP TH, EMI Filter

  7. $74.20

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    Mean Well HLG-120H-C1400A Constant C LED Power Supply 151.2W 1400mA 54-108V, IP65, with PFC, CC Adjustable with...

  8. $84.22

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    Mean Well HLG-185H-12 LED Power Supply 156W 12V 13A, CV+CC, IP67 Rated, with PFC, Input: 90~305VAC.

  9. $59.95

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    Perfectly designed OSUNG Dental Implant Bone Well for mixing graft materials. Autoclavable at 132 degrees...

  10. $34.99

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    Mean Well SPA01C-12 Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 36-75Vin 12Vout 8-83mA, Regulated SIP, EMI filter

  11. $34.99

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    Mean Well SPA01C-05 Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 36-75Vin 5Vout 2-200mA, Reg SIP TH, EMI Filter

  12. $79.13

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    Mean Well HBG-200-48A LED Power Supply, 196.8W 48V 4.1A, Io Adjustable w/potmeter, CV+CC, IP65, Input: 90-305VAC.

  13. $164.80

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    Mean Well HLG-480H-36 LED Power Supply 478.8W 36V 13.3A CV+CC, with PFC, Io/Vo Fixed, IP67, Input: 90~305VAC.

  14. $93.24

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    Mean Well HVGC-150-1400A LED Power Supply 149.8W 1400mA12-107V CC,with PFC, IP65, Free air Convection, CC...

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    Tissue Culture Treated Multiple Well Plate, Material polystyrene, Dimensions 128x85mm, Volume Capacity 6.8mL,...

  16. $115.00

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    Biotube 96-well Storage Rack With 2ml Tubes, Non-Sterile - 10/Case Made of polypropylene. Compatible with most...

  17. $34.99

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    Mean Well SPA01A-12 Isolated DC/DC Converters 1W 9-18Vin 12Vout 8-83mA, Reg SIP TH, EMI Filter

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