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    Proceedings of the First Conference on Environmental Engineering and Metropolitan Planning

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    New Advanced Gnss and 3D Spatial Techniques: Applications to Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geophysics,...

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    Environmental engineers keep drinking water clean, protect people from pollution, and take steps to fight climate...

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    The book explores the sustainable design principles and innovative engineering behind the development of two of the...

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    Proposal for Subsurface Investigation, Geotechnical Engineering Services, and Environmental Site Assessment,...

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    The Predictive Validity of the Afit Graduate Engineering and Environmental Management Admission Requirements

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    The Potential Environmental Consequences of Genetic Engineering

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    More than 40 years after the United States launched bold efforts to curb pollution and waste, American...

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    This slide presentation begins with a recap on a previous lecture on the ECLSS subsystems, and the various types...

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    Unlike most books on this subject, Productive Safety Management, described in this book, integrates occupational...

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    Applied Engineering Statistics (Statistics: A Series of Textbooks and Monographs)

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    Every branch of science, every profession, and every engineering process has its own language for communication....

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    "Transport Modeling for Environmental Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition, builds on integrated transport...

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    Re-Engineering RCRA for Recycling Report and Recommendations of the Definition of Solid Waste Task Force