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    Impact of Revolutionary Ideology on the Military in Time of War Case Study

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    A collection of poems, etc. written pre- and post- tour of duty in Iraq by Master Sergeant Ewell.

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    Recent and Current Conflicts of the British Army Including its Participation in the Gulf War, Balkan Conflicts,...

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    Reforging a Forgotten History: Iraq and the Assyrians in the Twentieth Century

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    Winning the Counterinsurgency Fight in Iraq: The Role of Political Culture in Counterinsurgency Warfare 2003-2006...

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    The unique challenges facing today's veterans, in their own words

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    The Resurgence of Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq

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    The 2003 Invasion of Iraq Including the Multi-National Force-Iraq, the Battle of Nasiriyah, the Battle of Baghdad,...

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    Insurgency in Iraq: An Historical Perspective

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    When Neil Reynolds was first asked to work as a private military contractor in Iraq, he didn't even know where it...

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    The Role of Airpower in the Iran-Iraq War: Arab Air Warfare including Arab-Israeli War 1947, Suez 1956, Six-Day War...

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    This book is about the new Iraq, the Iraq that many say has finally after many years become a democracy, which has...

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    This work investigates the roots and evolution of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the circumstances that have...

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