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    Denmark released, Blu-Ray/Region A/B/C : it WILL NOT play on regular DVD player. You need Blu-Ray DVD player to...

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    Jackie Chan Adventures Season One 9-Disc Set

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    Jackie Chan's The Myth (2007)

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    Similar to "The Dirty Dozen" or one of that nature. Japan is trying to take over the world and the generals of the...

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    Set in the Song Dynasty; when the men of the Yang Clan are massacred in battle; their women; from elderly...

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    During a meeting of Shaolin Masters as Hua Mountain, a new technique called "Snake and Crane" is developed. The...

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    While the level of violence is the highest than any other Jackie Chan movie (there is graphic brutal violence in...

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    4 Film Favorites: Martial Arts Collection (4FF) (DVD)RUMBLE IN THE BRONX INCLUDES: Widescreen [16x9 2.4:1] Version...

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    Jackie Chan, Yuen Siu-tien and Hwang Jang Lee. Two kung fools learn kung fu from an old master of Iron Back Style,...

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    In an action-packed drama reminiscent of 80s techno-sci-fi thrillers, Jackie Chan stars as Lin, a police inspector...

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    Poshmark, Inc.

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