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    Worldwide, the number of people who call themselves Jews is about 14 million.They may all call themselves Jews, but...

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    Courage and Conviction. Pius XII, the Bridgettine Nuns, and the Rescue of Jew...

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    Jew and Gentile: A Sermon

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    A Christian Jew on the Old Testament Scriptures

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    The authors--who have over 50 years experience of Freemasonry between them as well as senior Masonic rank in most...

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    John Chrysostom, the golden mouth, the greatest preacher in the early church and a key figure during the transition...

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    Seminal essays from a leading New Testament scholar For the past twenty years, John Barclay has researched and...

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    Jesus the Jew: And Other Addresses

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    A collection of testimonies in favor of religious liberty; in the case of the dissenters, Catholics and Jews

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    The Full and Final Restoration of the Jews and Israelites, Evidently Set Forth to Be Nigh at Hand

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    Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion, Derived from the Literal Fulfilment of Prophecy

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    Christopher Columbus And The Participation Of The Jews In The Spanish And Portuguese Discoveries

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    Explores the teachings, history, folklore and culture of Judeo-Spanish life and how the Sephardim maintained...

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    Felix Moses, the Beloved Jew of Stringtown on the Pike

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