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    Himmler's Third Reich. His Involvement in Nazi Germany and the Nazis Medical Experiments

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    Books : Nazi Germany And the Jews: The Years Of Extermination: 1939-1945: Nazi Germany and the Jews 1939-1945...

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    Biography: Alan Wood-Thomas was a decorated soldier in WWII who discovered he had an extraordinary talent for...

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    This book analyses some of the fundamental reasons for the triumph of National Socialism in 1933. Written in 1983...

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    Based on a detailed examination of specific aspects of Nazi propaganda, this book (originally published in 1983)...

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    Representing the scholarship of historians who have largely based their findings on previously unpublished...

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    In the years preceding publication of this book in 1986 much progress was made in identifying the social sources of...

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    April 4, 1945, United States Army units from the 89th Infantry Division and the 4th Armored Division seized...

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    When I Was a German, 1934-1945: An Englishwoman in Nazi Germany

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    This book explores Weimar and Nazi family policy to highlight the disparity between national policy design and its...

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    An engaging range of period texts and theme books for AS and A Level history.

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    Four Patterns of Revolution: Communist U.S.S.R., Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, New Deal America