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  2. $5.00

  3. $3.26

    Avatar of Sokar REM77338 Bones Avatar of Sokar Miniature Reaper

  4. $23.95

    Elf Fauns (9)By Artist: Gene Van HorneMain Category: Warlord Army Pack25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy MiniaturesTabbed...

  5. $2.71

    Skeletal ChampionBy Artist: Bob RidolfiBones25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy MiniaturesIntegral (built-in) basesUnpainted...

  6. $4.29

    1in Round Plastic Miniature Gaming Base with Slot (Pack of 20) Reaper Miniatures REM74032

  7. $2.45

    Bones Texas Ranger Male Miniature Reaper REM91003

  8. $29.10

    Mousling Tavern Boxed SetBy Artist: Gene Van HorneBoxed SetsReaper Miniatures' boxed sets include unpainted and...

  9. $4.78

    Ameiko Kaijitsu Pathfinder Miniature REM60086 REAPER MINATURES

  10. $2.71

  11. $5.76

  12. $4.23

    Fatima, Nefsokar ClericBy Artist: Bob RidolfiWarlord25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy MiniaturesTabbed figures on plastic...

  13. $5.07

    Bonnie, Futuristic HeroineBy Artist: Patrick KeithChronoscope25mm Heroic Scale Non-Fantasy, Multi-Genre...

  14. $3.99

    Bill Foster, LumberjackBy Artist: Kevin WilliamsChronoscope25mm Heroic Scale Non-Fantasy, Multi-Genre...

  15. $8.19

    WardenRobot Supply Depot Reaper MiniaturesThis model is no longer used in CAV. It is being rescaled for CAV: Strike...

  16. $5.07

    Cleric of CalistriaBy Artist: Patrick KeithPathfinder Miniatures25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy MiniaturesTabbed figures...

  17. $3.81

    Overlord SpearmanBy Artist: Chaz ElliottMain Category: Overlords25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy MiniaturesTabbed figures...

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