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    Although it has been over five years since the 9/11 attacks, Americans still do not have a clear sense of how our...

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    Worldwide Terror List 2014: Annual Global Assessment of Active Terrorist Organizations

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    This ebook consists of a summary of the ideas, viewpoints and facts presented by Ronen Bergman in his book “The...

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    The European Union in the Security of Europe: From Cold War to Terror War

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    Describes the CIA's development and use of psychological torture, from the Cold War to the post-September 11th era,...

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    The Next Attack: The Failure of the War on Terror and a Strategy for Getting it Right

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    Hearts of Darkness: Torturing Children in the War on Terror

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    Saudi Arabia: Islamic Threat, Political Reform, and the Global War on Terror

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    The Rise of the Global Imaginary: Political Ideologies from the French Revolution to the Global War on Terror

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    "Analysts today routinely look toward the media and popular culture as a way of understanding global security....